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OER 1969-83 GM Front Sway Bar Bushing - 1" Inner Diameter 371773
Model: 2036248
Condition: NEW
OER reproduction front sway bar bushings for various GM models. This rubber bushing has a 1" diameter hole and is for use on the the front sway bar on most models with a heavy duty or hi-performance suspension. Sold individually, 2…
$11.99 ea
OER 1967-76 Front Stabilizer Bushing 498951
Model: 3082476
Condition: NEW
OER reproduction front bumper stabilizer bushing for all 1967-76 Firebird models. The rubber biscuit separates the front bumper from the mounting brace. Located between the fender gusset and bumper reinforcement. 2" diameter bushing and…
$36.99 ea
OER 1970-81 F-Body, 1970-79 X-Body Rear Sway Bar Bracket 3982300
Model: 2038821
Condition: NEW
This OER® reproduction rear sway bar bracket is manufactured from high grade steel to original specifications. Sway bar brackets hold the sway bar bushings to the frame and secures the rear sway bar to the spring anchor plate. Sold…
$18.99 ea
Moog Chassis K6161, Stabilizer Bar Mount Bushing, OE Replacement
Model: 2036350
Condition: NEW
MOOG® Problem Solver® products incorporate prove design and engineering features like new steering, ease of installation and longer life. MOOG is preferred steering and suspension parts brand of professional technicians and NASCAR crew…
$15.99 pr
OER 1967-68 Camaro / Firebird, 1968-69 Nova Front Sway Bar Brackets 383493
Model: 2033418
Condition: NEW
Reproduction U-shaped sway bar bushing clamp that is used to hold the inner sway bar bushings and the sway bar to the subframe. Sold as a pair. Applications: 1967-68 Camaro models 1964-67 Chevelle models 1967-68 Firebird models 1968-69…
$31.99 pr
Firebird Stabilizer Bushing, Front, 1967-1976
Model: 3448906
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Bumper Location: Front Separates Front Bumper From Mounting Brace 2 Required Per Car These Firebird stabilizer bushings are quality OER replacements of the originals. Designed with quality and the customer in mind…
$36.99 ea
Firebird Sway Bar Set, Front & Rear, Hotchkis, 1970-1981
Model: 3083709
Condition: NEW
1-3/8 Hollow Front Sway Bar 7/8 Hollow Rear Sway Bar Show Quality Appearance Improve cornering by reducing body roll with a set of Hotchkis Performance Sway Bars. Hotchkis bars are CNC bent for a precise fit and feature lightweight hollow…
$1,288.99 st
Firebird Anti-Roll Kit, Eibach, 1993-2002
Model: 3083707
Condition: NEW
Reduces Body Roll Includes Front And Rear Sway Bars Bushings And Hardware included Fits All V6 And V8 Cars This Eibach anti-roll kit allows critical fine-tuning of your car's handling characteristics. Manufactured from cold-formed…
$835.99 kt
Firebird Sway Bar Bushings, Front, 1-9/64, 1976-1981
Model: 3083706
Condition: NEW
Replacement Sway Bar Bushings For Cars Which Have Locking Tabs On The Frame Mounting Brackets Fits All Factory 1-9/64 (29mm) Sway Bars These Firebird replacement sway bar bushings have been manufactured to meet or exceed factory…
$15.99 pr
Firebird Sway Bar Links, Rear, 1970-1973
Model: 3083704
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Attaches From Sway Bar To Floor Above Rear End Pressed In Bushings Installed These Firebird reproduction rear sway bar links have been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern…
$252.99 pr
Firebird Anti-Sway Bar Kit, Rear, 7/8, Hollow, Hotchkis, 1967-1969
Model: 3083703
Condition: NEW
7/8 Hollow Rear Sway Bar Black Powder Coated Finish Improve cornering by reducing body roll with a Hotchkis Performance Sway Bar. Hotchkis bars are CNC bent for a precise fit and feature lightweight hollow construction and include…
$1,245.99 ea
Firebird Anti-Sway Bar, Rear, Adjustable 15/16, Hotchkis, 1993-2002
Model: 3083701
Condition: NEW
Durable, Gloss Black Powder Coat Finish Bolt-In installation requires no vehicle modifications Contains all necessary mounting and links Includes Greasable Polyurethane Bushings, and Mounts Now you can fine tune the handling of your…
$657.99 st
Firebird Anti-Sway Bar Mounting Bracket Bolt Set, Front, Oversize & Self-Tapping, 1967-1969
Model: 3083700
Condition: NEW
This set of bolts will secure your anti-sway bar mounting bracket completely, and is made up of self tapping bolts for commonly stripped subframe mounting holes. …
$11.99 st
Firebird Anti-Sway Bar Kit, Rear, Heavy-Duty, 7/8, Addco, 1967-1969
Model: 3083699
Condition: NEW
Excellent Upgrade For Controlling Body Roll For Use With Multi-Leaf Spring Cars Only Carbon Steel Construction With Forged Ends Kit Includes Polyurethane Link & Sway Bar Bushings & Installation Hardware Sway Bar Is Pictured With Gold…
$253.99 kt
Firebird Shock Tower Brace, Rear, 1968-1969
Model: 3083698
Condition: NEW
Powder Coated, Anthracite Finish Fabricated from 1.5? steel tubing, TIG welded to precision CNC bent brackets Bolt In Design Rigidly Connects Rear Shock Towers Dramatically Reduces Chassis Flex During Hard Cornering & Acceleration The…
$1,151.99 ea
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