Exhaust Manifold
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Exhaust Manifold Nut
Model: 3101314
Condition: NEW
Thread Size: 3/8-16; Hex Size; 9/16"; Height: 5/8"; Material: Brass …
$2.99 ea
Mr. Gasket 5966 Ultra-Seal Exhaust Gaskets, for LS Motors
Model: 3316017
Condition: NEW
These premium exhaust gaskets from Mr. Gasket are designed and constructed to improve the sealing of exhaust header flanges. Unlike standard exhaust gasket material, Mr. Gasket Ultra-Seal exhaust gaskets incorporate a graphite-impregnated…
$49.99 pr
5.7L 350 LT1 Passenger Side Exhaust Manifold
Model: 3869641
Condition: NEW
This is a New Aftermarket Passenger Side Exhaust Manifold For the Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and Pontiac with the 5.7L , 350 / 4.3L LT1 Engine. …
$112.99 ea
OER 1969-77 Exhaust Manifold Upper Heat Stove 338471
Model: 3086351
Condition: NEW
OER™ reproduction exhaust manifold upper heat stove which is used with the air heat tube to preheat the air cleaner thermo-sensor. This item mounts on the RH (passenger side) exhaust manifold. The air tube is inserted into this item…
$12.99 ea
OER 1969-81 Exhaust Manifold Lower Heat Stove 338473
Model: 3086345
Condition: NEW
This lower heat stove was originally installed on 1969-81 models. For V8 engines as listed. Camaro Applications: 1969 8 cyl. with turbo 350 1969 8 cyl. with powerglide 1971 8 cyl. 4 bbl carb 402, 454 1972 8 cyl. without 402, 454 1973-75…
$28.99 ea
Firebird Exhaust Manifold Smog Fitting Plug Set, 1967-1969
Model: 3082178
Condition: NEW
Exhaust manifold plugs block-off smog tube inserts in exhaust manifold. Set of Eight. …
$15.99 st
Firebird Exhaust Manifolds, Long Branch Cast Iron, 1967-1969
Model: 3116761
Condition: USED
High quality reproduction parts made in the US Left Hand Manifold Casting #9779495 Right Hand Manifold Casting # 9779494 Requires 2-1/2" headpipe D-Port Non Ram Air III Engine Not Correct but fits, Requires Ram Air Oil…
$960.99 pr
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