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B&M Automatic Shifter, Unimatic, Universal
Model: 3142917
Condition: NEW
  Includes T-Handle, Boot, and 5 Foot Long Shifter Cable Features Neutral Safety Switch Easy Installation No Backup Light Ideal As Column Shift Replacement Fits GM TH-400, 350, 250, 200, 700R4, 200-4R, 4L60E**, 4L65E**…
$312.99 ea
OER Shift/Throttle Rod Retainer Clip 3749084
Model: 3089197
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction of the original clip that is used to retain the upper and lower clutch push rods. Also fits lower throttle valve control rod, accelerator control rod, throttle lever rod swivel retainer. You are assured that every…
$3.99 ea
Neutral Safety Start Switch Pivot Bracket, Manual Transmission, 1969-1981
Model: 3123393
Condition: NEW
New correct design neutral safety switch pivot for your classic. Mounts to your under dash pedal support bracket. Replace your commonly broken or missing unit today. Correct fit and details.  …
$19.99 ea
Trim Parts 67 Camaro and Firebird, Shift Knob, Each 6724
Model: 2030983
Condition: NEW
Trim Parts strives to provide only the best restoration products on the market. We do hours of research to make sure each and every part we make looks and fits like the original. Do not settle for cheap imitations for your project. When…
$20.99 ea
OER 1976-80 Transmission Throttle Valve Cable 1262620
Model: 3089059
Condition: NEW
Correct OER® reproduction throttle valve cable for various 1976-80 GM models with TH350 automatic transmissions. This cable is manufactured to original specifications. Applications: 1976-77 Buick Skylark 305, 350-L TH350 (M38 ) 1976…
$24.99 ea
OER 1968 Firebird Outer "T" Shift Handle 9791337
Model: 3082945
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original outer T-handle shifter for use on 1968 Firebird models with auto trans. Injection molded reproduction will replace the original "T" style shift handle and offers the correct grain and color. …
$27.99 ea
OER 1970-81 Camaro / Firebird Manual Transmission Gearshift Boot Retainer Plate 3973970
Model: 2038391
Condition: NEW
This OER® shift boot retainer plate is for use with all 3-speed or 4-speed transmissions. An exact replacement for virtually all manual transmissions for 1970-81 models. Officially Licensed GM Restoration Part& reg; …
$44.99 ea
OER 1973-81 Camaro, 1970-81 Firebird Automatic Transmission Shift Cable 498467
Model: 2035979
Condition: NEW
Correct shift cable for various GM models with a console. Each cable is manufactured to exact specifications offering an original appearance and years of long lasting dependability. Applications: 1973-81 Chevrolet Camaro 1968-72 Pontiac…
$43.99 ea
Firebird Shift Handle, Floor Shift, Outer, 1968
Model: 3445674
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Original T-Handle Shifter For Use With Automatic Transmissions The automatic floor shift handle of your 1968 Firebird gets a lot of use over time, and as such can become very worn and dingy. Being a part that is…
$27.99 ea
Transmission Throttle Valve Cable, TH350 1975-1979
Model: 3442369
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Transmission Accelerator Valve Correct throttle valve cable with TH350 automatic transmissions. This cable is manufactured to original specifications. …
$24.99 ea
Firebird Shifter Conversion Kit, Powerglide to TH350, 1968-1969
Model: 3123544
Condition: NEW
The Powerglide (2-speed) shifter can be used without modification for the TH350 or TH400 3-speed transmission. Use this cable installation kit to upgrade the Powerglide transmission or to install a factory console shifter in a car…
$87.99 kt
Firebird, Piston, Shifter Knob
Model: 3084258
Condition: NEW
Spice Up Your Interrior Replica Engine Piston Highly Polished Looking to spice up your Firebird interrior? This replacement shifter knob is highly polished and a replica of an engine piston. Just in time for showcar season or that local…
$15.99 ea
Firebird 4-Speed Shifter Linkage Kit, For Cars With Big Block Engine, Hurst, 1969
Model: 3083872
Condition: NEW
Excellent value imported reproduction kit for original factory Hurst shifters. Three shift rods, correct swivels, levers with stamped text, shifter mounting plate and all needed hardware…
$432.99 kt
Firebird Column To Floor Shifter Conversion Linkage, Automatic Transmission, Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 (TH400), 1967
Model: 3083871
Condition: NEW
Older reproduction set of now all available authentic reproduction pieces. (Note: this TH-400 linkage set will also work with TH-350 installations). Includes transmission shift lever, swivel, hardware and rod. A solid, functional value for…
$92.99 ea
Firebird 4-Speed Shifter Linkage & Mounting Kit, Competition Plus, Hurst, For Cars With Muncie Transmission, 1967-1968
Model: 3083870
Condition: NEW
Not for use with factory original shifter. Complete linkage kit including shifter box mounting.…
$402.99 ea
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