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Flex-a-lite 18" Stainless Standard Rotation Cooling Fan, Red
Model: 3116376
Condition: NEW
Maximum Airflow At Low RPM Reduced Eng. Load At High RPM Less Resistance At Hwy Speeds More Horsepower Better Gas Mileage 2.25 in. Projected Width 10000 RPM Rating Standard Mounting Pattern …
$117.99 ea
OER Lower Fan Shroud Clip 3899881
Model: 2031784
Condition: NEW
Correct reproduction lower fan shroud clip that attaches to the lower RH side of the fan shroud and radiator. This unique clip is designed to hold the fan shroud to the radiator. For use on all models originally equipped with factory…
$30.99 ea
Flex-a-lite 18" Stainless Standard Rotation Cooling Fan, Silver
Model: 3942349
Condition: NEW
Maximum Airflow At Low RPM Reduced Eng. Load At High RPM Less Resistance At Hwy Speeds More Horsepower Better Gas Mileage 2.25 in. Projected Width 10000 RPM Rating Standard Mounting Pattern …
$131.99 ea
Cooling Fan, Electric, Universal, Single, 2500 CFM, S-Blade, Syclone, Flex-a-lite
Model: 3022438
Condition: NEW
Flex-a-lite® reversible 16-inch Syclone S-Blade electric-fan. A powerful electric motor helps this fan move an impressive 2,500 cfm of airflow. Can be used as an auxiliary or primary cooling. Puller: Yes Pusher: Yes Fan CFM Range…
$189.99 ea
Universal Electric Radiator Cooling Fan, 12 Inch
Model: 3942504
Condition: NEW
Help your engine keep cool by adding an electric cooling fan to your radiator Free up horsepower by removing your engine driven mechanical fan and installing this electric fan Curved blade design reduces noise Wide radiators can…
$75.99 kt
17" Steel Fan, 6-Blade, Clutch Type
Model: 3127084
Condition: NEW
  Replacement 17" Steel Fan Blade For Use With Clutch P/N 160752 Will Not Work With Reverse Rotation Water Pumps This universal fan blade is constructed like the original GM versions, and works with many standard…
$105.99 ea
OER 1967-81 Lower Fan Shroud Mounting Clip K10100
Model: 3446317
Condition: NEW
When installing a fan shroud it will be necessary to use mounting clips on the lower portion of the shroud. This clip is installed on the bottom ends of the shroud. Provisions are molded into the shroud allowing attachment of the shroud…
$2.99 ea
OER 1967-69 Firebird Fan Shroud Premier Quality 9788883B
Model: 3081657
Condition: NEW
OER Premier reproduction fan shroud for 1967-69 Firebird models. Each fan shroud is manufactured with injection molded tooling just like the original for an authentic fit and factory OE appearance. What makes this fan shroud unique, is…
$227.99 ea
Firebird Upper Fan Shroud Mounting Bracket, Engine Cooling,1967-1969
Model: 3081659
Condition: NEW
Original Style Replacement Black Epoxy Painted Bracket Fits 67-9 Small Block Fan Shrouds Fits 67-8 Big Block Fan Shrouds Includes (2) J-nuts, (2) Lower Shroud Clips, (1) Upper U-nut Quality reproduction of the original Firebird fan shroud…
$21.99 st
Firebird Lower Fan Shroud Mounting Clips, Engine Cooling, 1967-1969
Model: 3081656
Condition: NEW
High Quality Reproduction Fits LH side Tank Bracket Flange Set With Correct RH Clip Available as Part # 75-10636 Upper Bracket Available Separately as 75-10631 Quality Reproduction of often overlooked but necessary part for the proper…
$2.99 ea
OER 1967-69 Camaro / Firebird Upper Fan Shroud Bracket with Hardware 3938612
Model: 3443769
Condition: NEW
A correct reproduction of the original fan shroud bracket for 1967-68 big block and 1967-69 small block Camaro and 1967-69 Firebird models. Bracket holds fan shroud in place, connecting to the radiator support. This reproduction includes…
$21.99 ea
Quick Start Variable Temperature Controller with Thread-in Temperature Sensor
Model: 3428044
Condition: NEW
The Flex-a-lite® Quick Start Variable Temperature Controller turns the electric fan on and off at the desired temperature. You can easily adjust the activation temperature between approximately 160-240 degrees Fahrenheit. It also turns…
$259.99 kt
Flex-a-Lite Auxiliary Illuminated Switch
Model: 3428002
Condition: NEW
Flex-A-Lite auxiliary illuminated switches provide cockpit control or override of fan function. These switches may be wired to actuate a fan regardless of temperature settings (at the end of a heat or at the beginning of a hard pull), or…
$35.99 kt
Flex-a-Lite 15" Black Magic Xtreme Series Electric Fan, with Adjustable Thermostat
Model: 3428001
Condition: NEW
Flex-a-lite® 15-inch Black Magic Xtreme S-Blade reversible electric fans feature 3,300 cfm of airflow. Replacing a belt-driven fan with one of these powerful electric fans can recover engine power and increase fuel economy. These fans…
$440.99 kt
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